Take Time: Attention-Based Web Gains Traction

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Take Time: Attention-Based Web Gains Traction

At long last, we are seeing a significant shift in focus from counting the clicks (or the quick-fix) to actually measuring quality by the amount of time a person spends with a page. Lately, there have been developments in metrics that are finding a way to actually measure engagement (and, as a result, reward quality writing). One of the greatest frustrations of many a quality publisher is the yawning divide between writing quality content and getting readers to click. For those of us who have decried the clickbait headlines made ubiquitous by Upworthy and sadly picked up by larger news outlets, this promises a welcome alternative. We briefly mentioned our excitement about an attention-based system that would back up the rallying call for”quality content” in our review of the State of Enterprise Content Marketing this summer, and it seems it’s picking up steam.

TheNextWeb has a great summary announcing Chartbeat’s recent certification by the Media Rating Council. From its article:

The ‘viewability’ metric is a key one here as it measures whether a display ad has been viewed rather than simply loaded. While a number of advertising networks and adtech companies have already been accredited for measuring viewability, the MRC’s accreditation of Chartbeat means that both ads and content can be measured for attention in the same way.”

While NextWeb make a great point about the need for support across the board, (that means the advertising, publishing, and analytics companies) before this works, we’re excited to see a push for higher quality, longer-form content.

And what, exactly, makes for this great, attention-holding (not just grabbing) content? We’ll have more posts soon about successful email campaigns, and how to avoid the black hole of time and money that poor filler content can create.

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