Don’t miss the boat — or the truck — with advertising

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Don’t miss the boat — or the truck — with advertising

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what’s the value of a giant, moving billboard?


I see it all the time with box trucks around Chicago. The value is endless for some and a missed opportunity for others.

As a marketer with a background in design, I’m compelled to follow and analyze advertising and design trends. I can’t help but look around our city, taking photos and creating mental notes of what works visually and what fails to hit the mark.

And one thing I’ve noticed frequently of late is that some companies are completely missing the boat with advertising — or rather, a lack of advertising — on the side of their box trucks.

Think about it: A box truck is a permanent, moving billboard that’s impossible to miss. It screams opportunity. The small upfront cost to create a design and place it on the truck is peanuts to the dollar compared to the free delivery of the ad and brand for the lifespan of the vehicle.

The truck doesn’t even have to be on the road to find its audience. A striking design will catch eyeballs and spread brand awareness if the truck is parked in a lot or waiting for a green light at State and Wacker.


Yet still we see big trucks with tiny, little advertisements plastered on the side, some so small you need to stand right next to it to make it out. It bugs me that business owners aren’t taking advantage of this valuable space.

However, not everyone is missing the mark. Plenty of sharp businesses have fantastic designs created for their vehicles. Here are a few companies that have their truck advertisements down pat.