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Be still my pounding heart: Networking anxiety and how to handle it

Your heart pounds. Your palms sweat. Your breathing gets shallow. Have you ever felt like this before when introducing yourself to someone? At times, you might have been wondering “Why did I ever sign up for this networking event, anyway?” You and your sweaty hands are not alone. In fact, social anxiety is as real as the anxiety of being in danger. Our brains  [...Continue Reading]
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Don’t miss the boat — or the truck — with advertising

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, what’s the value of a giant, moving billboard? I see it all the time with box trucks around Chicago. The value is endless for some and a missed opportunity for others. As a marketer with a background in design, I’m compelled to follow and analyze advertising and design trends. I can’t help but look around our city,  [...Continue Reading]
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Don’t Sprint to the Buffet…and 4 other networking mistakes

Whenever I hear about a new networking event, I take notice. I immediately want to know about the topic, who’s speaking and where the event takes place. I enjoy networking, and — surprise, surprise — it happens to be part of my job. As president of Canright Communications, I network on a weekly basis. I’m always interested in meeting new people, spreading the word  [...Continue Reading]
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