You Can Do a Lot of Marketing at a Trade Show for Less Than You Think.

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You Can Do a Lot of Marketing at a Trade Show for Less Than You Think.


“You can do a lot of marketing at a trade show for less than you think.”

So says Jeff Golden, president Golden Equipment. Jeff’s firm sells plastics manufacturing equipment in the Midwest. Regional and national trade shows allow him to bring his customers in to see equipment from several suppliers.

“Canright Communications spent the time to interview me so that I got what I wanted and needed,” Jeff says. “They were able to create not only literature and a website that were useful and sharp but they also helped my business articulate our outstanding qualities better than we could. My job is sales and service, and Canright Communications’ job is to articulate my company’s strengths and message them in ways that make an impact.”

Golden Equipment represents seven plastics equipment manufacturers from Korea, Japan, Italy, and the United States who build injection-molding machines, chillers, grinders, blenders, dryers, robots, and other equipment. We make sure his customer service message stands out. And we highlight the web-based tools he provides, which makes him unique in the industry.

For trade shows, Canright designed and produced four banner stands for Golden Equipment to give his booth space a professional, polished look. Pull-up banner stands can make a basic trade show table stacked with flyers stand out from the crowd. And today’s flat TV screens can play looped slide shows with little effort. For a company that does one or two shows a year, it makes more sense than investing in a large portable booth and better looking than a table with a cloth.

We’ll let Jeff continue, unedited, in telling you why you should call us: “In deciding who want to do your work, the only question is do you want some marketing wonks that will talk to about positioning, color pallets, and drop ‘smart words’ into the conversation every other sentence, or do you want the company that will listen, reflect and articulate your company so that it is not only attractive but inspires you to be your best and remind you what it’s about for you!”

We couldn’t have said it any better!

It’s conference season. Let Canright Communications help with the load. To learn more, call Collin Canright at (773) 426-7000 or email at for an assessment of your conference materials.

Canright writes, designs, and produces a wide variety of conference content, including:

• Promotional materials, handouts and signage
• Speakers’ presentations (scripts and PowerPoints)
• Follow-up articles or white papers from presentations
• Booth posters and banner stands
• Brochures, article reprints, and product data sheets