Why Normal is Not Normal Anymore

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Why Normal is Not Normal Anymore

My partner, Collin, and I were working on content promoting an event the other day, and were looking at ways to describe today’s business environment. He first mentioned “challenging”—which we hear a lot these days—but then he went on to write, “where change is continual and ‘normal’ is out of date.”

Did that strike a chord! I have heard the “new normal” but not “out of date.” I have heard that the only constant is change.

Reflecting on this phrase, I think he’s right. The whole concept of “normal,” in business these days, seems not only out of date, but a way of thinking that would be counter-productive to the flexibility of a business.

In our own business, we have been continually evolving our business services in response to the changing needs of our customers over the last 2-3 years. Overall, we support our clients with marketing and sales content.

But that’s where “normal” ends. The multitude of ways we can deliver that content means that we write content and format it according to the channel or channels used–while making sure the core message remains consistent.

We are always studying a number of new ways of communicating with our audiences. So along with the more traditional avenues–articles, white papers, and case studies–we’re also working on the messaging and content for social media and blogs, search optimization on web pages, information for mobile devices and tablets.

Those are new channels and ways of helping our clients deliver useful information wherever and whenever, on the audience’s terms.

So, does normal even exist anymore? Normal to me is a word that stands for stasis and certainty, something which is not the environment of today, business or personal.