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For those of us who weren’t fortunate enough to be in D.C. today for the Inauguration of Barack Obama, the newly launched Whitehouse.gov Web site was made available immediately after the swearing-in.

The design takes after Obama’s transitional site, Change.gov; it’s just as beautiful and easy to navigate.

The content of the new White House Web site is educational and informative. You can brush up on your U.S. history by reading all about the past U.S. Presidents (and First Ladies, too) or the Constitution, or you can read about the on-goings of the current administration in the blog or watch a weekly video address (which is not yet ready).

In the larger scope of things though, this website will allow people to truly "keep in touch" with the activities of the White House. I can imagine that it will attract more attention than in previous years, due to the fact that Obama’s campaign was very much internet-based. It’s much more personal and satisfying to hear White House news straight from the source. I hope that this Web site will inspire Americans to be more informed, active and responsible citizens.