Web Design Woes

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Web Design Woes

Web design has a lot of complications. One thing that always seems to throw a wrench in the system is Internet Explorer (IE). We web designers wish everyone would switch to Firefox exclusively, but understand that wishing won’t make it so. So, the cascading style sheets (CSS) are almost always required to have an additional set of instructions (hacks) to maintain the integrity of the design across browsers.

I’ve recently found a few tools that seem like they will save a few headaches, and hopefully make cross-browser compatibility a less stressful issue: 

  • Litmus App — a web application that will show a screenshot of your site in 20+ browsers (and quite a few email clients as well). The catch? You’re limited to IE7 and Firefox in the free version. If you want it all, they have subscription rates and day passes.
  • IE6 Fixer — another (much smaller) web app that will dissect your CSS and offer a starting point for the hacks you’ll likely need to implement to run in IE6.

Do you know of any other useful tips for cross-browser compatibility? Please let us know if the comments section. -Michael