Voices of Juice Lovers Ring Loud

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Voices of Juice Lovers Ring Loud

Last month, Lukasz blogged about his dissatisfaction with Pepsi’s new logo and packaging for its sodas. As a follow up, I thought I’d write about another product, also owned by PepsiCo—which underwent a recent redesign by the same agencyTropicana orange juice.

Apparently, the redesign of the packaging caused confusion at stores and put off consumers of the orange juice, even though the actual product has not been altered at all. Because of the negative feedback, PepsiCo announced that they were pulling the new design and replacing it with the classic packaging we’ve come to recognize (and maybe love).

New vs. Old DesignOn the left is the original packaging, which most of us are used to seeing in the stores, and on the right is the new packaging, which has been displayed on billboard ads throughout the city.

I don’t think the new design is all that bad, but only if you don’t consider the Tropicana branding. To me, Tropicana is organic, fresh, hearty, personal. You can just see and feel the juiciness of the orange on the carton. With the new design, it’s just too sterile and uninviting.

The one part of the redesign I did like, though, is the cap, which is half of an orange that you twist off/on to open/close. In fact, this is the one and only part that Tropicana will keep from the $35 millon redesign project. (Ouch.)

Kudos to Tropicana for listening to its customers. It’s just too bad they tried a radical change to their look-and-feel during a time when the economy is keeping most people conservative in their spending. It’s just speculation, but I feel that people are less likely to “try something new” (even if it’s just the outside that’s different) when they are uneasy about their financial situations. We may feel it’s best to keep to something that is familiar, something that you are certain will deliver what you’ve come to expect.

I think it’s great when a company “updates” their look to keep from seeming outdated, but if you try to erase a classic brand, people will surely react.

What do you think of the redesign and PepsiCo’s decision?