Typography Series Part I

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Typography Series Part I

Why Canright loves type, and why you should care.
The purpose of this series is to open the conversation to the friends, clients and followers of Canright. These topics and classifications have been made countless times before, but are here on our blog to spread the word to our extended community.

At Canright, we have a special appreciation for typography. Collin’s family owned a newspaper, sharpening his eye for quality type from an early age. Christina has a background in magazine layout and publication design, which requires an innate attention to detail. Personally, I love graphic design because I love words and letters. Experimenting with typefaces infuses the same words with new voices and personalities. The three of us together, in addition to Canright’s newest designer, Caroline—fresh out of the University of Illinois graphic design program—are a team of type aficionados with different perspectives.

Before desktop publishing became available to the general public, typesetting was an art left only to type professionals. Now, however, anyone can set type on their personal computer. This is both incredibly liberating, allowing more and more people to become a part of the design world. At the same time, this revolution means more people are using software to set type, relying too heavily on the software to make decisions on spacing and size that a practiced professional would see and take care of easily.

Why should you care? Incorrectly set typography reflects poorly on your brand. The best brands in the world have used elegant typography that makes their content accessible to their customers. Thoughtful typography becomes seamless with your message and your brand. It is the charge of a graphic designer or art director to choose typefaces that are appropriate for the project, and to choose type for a purpose. The fonts that you use for your brand will reflect your brand personality, so it is important that this is considered. Just like color, the type on your products, collateral and messaging send your brand personality out into the world. It is our job to help our clients make sure their brand is sending the right message.  There is a professionalism that’s conveyed with beautifully set and easy to read typography. It says “I care that you read this,” it invites you to read it.