Turn Conference Booth Visitors into Engaged Prospects and Interested Fans

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Turn Conference Booth Visitors into Engaged Prospects and Interested Fans


Once the conference is over, the booths packed away, what’s next? It’s time to follow up with the people you met and the contacts you collected.


Banks and FinTech firms often like to talk about the latest products, platform, app, and everything they do. Don’t do it. Business executives really don’t care.


Instead, make your follow-up personal: include links to stories related to what you learned at the show about the industry and its future. You’ll find those stories in the conversations you had and presentations you heard at the conferences.


Here’s how one company strategically used content from its event in its ongoing marketing. To build a reputation as a go-to source of FinTech knowledge in wealth management, Morningstar:

  • Commissioned us to write a follow-up article on one of its FinTech forums to summarize the key points on how FinTech delivers value.
  • Hired a videographer to produce a story on the event experience, from the street in Lower Manhattan up to the Morningstar’s World Trade Center 4 offices, where the event took place.
  • Included interviews with panelists and attendees to provide further insights.
  • Posted the event coverage on social media and asked panelists to share it.

Take a look at the result: Morningstar FinTech Forum video


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