Top 5 FinTech Articles of the Week 5-15-15

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Top 5 FinTech Articles of the Week 5-15-15

This week’s fintech articles bring attention to how neobanks are finding success, NerdWallet’s consumer-based objective, why your bank may have an unfair advantage and more.

Find out how it’s impossible to ignore neobanks. Although the products aren’t new, neobanks are selling the experience: “Their mobile technology is often superior to that of traditional banks.”

Read how ad giants are considering introducing payments into the stream of a consumer’s path to products.

This article describes NerdWallet’s mission and objective—which focus heavily on educating the consumer—and why FinTech is such an exciting space right now.

The Faster Payments scheme has 11 members who connect directly to the service: “The New Access Model would stimulate a new market for FinTechs while substantially reducing the barriers to entry for FinTechs and making 24/7 access to immediate payments economically attractive at lower volumes.”

Consumers can bank anywhere, so why would they choose you? Notable points are focusing on the user experience and making sure account holders know why you’re irreplaceable.