Top 5 FinTech Articles of the Week 05-01-2015

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Top 5 FinTech Articles of the Week 05-01-2015

The picks this week focus on the innovations of the financial industry as well as the conflict between new and old ways of approaching the industry.

The relationship between Wall Street and bitcoin has been rough, but it’s only the beginning. Both have the potential to greatly help each other achieve success. Read more in this article.

Check out this article on a discussion from the Blockchain and Beyond panel that touches on whether digital ledgers such as blockchain were superior to bitcoin as a currency.

What is the conflict between physical and digital branches? This article explores demographic differences and the role of millennials in the debate.

Instead of banks competing with other banks, the shift has begun towards innovative technologies. Conservatism is the biggest problem in the current financial industry, and read why here.

Tescher’s speech poses the question “how are you?” in determining consumer financial needs. Watch this video to learn how consumers crave financial health instead of wealth. Additionally, find out what providers can do to understand their customers.