Top 5 FinTech Articles of the Week 04-24-2015

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Top 5 FinTech Articles of the Week 04-24-2015

This week we’re including articles about the future of fintech, email marketing, the student loan market and more. Have a great weekend and make sure to check out next week’s picks!

Find out how it has taken financial institutions a long time to see the technical and financial possibilities of using banking APIs. Read about how the Gartner report proposes the use of web APIs.

This bank operating system was created for bankers to drive increase profitability, productivity gains, regulatory compliance and operating transparency at all organizational levels and across all lines of business.

Most consumers like getting promotional emails every week. Find out how marketers can innovate on this platform in the future.

Read the reasons why there are competitive loan products being offered by startups, credit unions, and banks alike.

Regulation is one of the most significant hurdles for fintech companies to overcome. Find out more in this article that describes how if regulation is done right, it tends to bring legitimacy that can elevate fintech companies above competitors.