Three more FREE DAYS at the Museum of Science and Industry

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Three more FREE DAYS at the Museum of Science and Industry

This past weekend I had the chance to visit the Museum of Science and Industry. All this month, they offer free admittance to the public.

As I wandered through the many rooms at the museum, I could see that most of the exhibits were very much geared toward children, but that didn’t stop me from having a good time and learning.

My favorite “playful” exhibit was called the Cabaret Mechanical Theatre (of course, the most artsy exhibit). Displayed there are these interactive, mechanical sculptures that perform funny and surprising tricks when you push the button to activate them. The one below was my favorite—a man who appears to eat spaghetti out of a tub. As mechanical as the sculptures are, their movements are surprisingly fluid and natural-looking.

"Spaghetti in the Tub" Guy

For those of you who prefer the less playful exhibits, there is one exhibit that is clearly more for the grown-ups, the U-505 Submarine exhibit. It is masterfully put together, with amazing displays, videos, artifacts, photos, and a REAL U-505 submarine (the only German sub in the U.S.), which the building had to be physically built around. I would have spent a good two more hours at this exhibit, but alas, the museum closed at four.

Don’t let the time run out on you. Go learn and be wowed at the Museum of Science and Industry. (If you can’t go this month, it looks like most of the month of October is free as well.)