The Wall Street Journal Celebrates 125 Years

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The Wall Street Journal Celebrates 125 Years

Today is the 125th anniversary of The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and to celebrate, the newspaper reprinted the cover of its very first issue from July 8, 1889.

Founded by Charles Dow, Edward Jones, and Charles Bergstresser, the name for the long-standing paper was created by Bergstresser, the lesser known of the three founding reporters.


The first edition included just 4 pages and cost $0.02. Two pennies for a paper! Now, that would equate to $0.51. . . almost $1.50 less than the actual cost of The Wall Street Journal today.  Below are a few facts from that original cover.


To continue the commemoration of the anniversary,WSJ staff rang the opening bell of NASDAQ this morning.

Also for this milestone anniversary, a number of celebrities and industry leaders served as guest columnists. Singer, songwriter, and seven-time Grammy Award winning artist, Taylor Swift penned a column on the future of the music industry. Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg discussed a future where the internet is available to all and Bill Ford, executive chairman of Ford Motor Companydiscussed the future of transportation. If you would like to read more opinions of industry leaders, visit

If you are interested in how the Journal has covered the last 125 years, I recommend heading over to the WSJ 125 Archive, so you can explore history through the lens of the Journal.