The Power of Images in Marketing

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The Power of Images in Marketing

Below is a series of ads that was released this month by Comex Group, a manufacturer and distributor of quality paints and coatings. Based in Mexico, the company started merely 50 years ago as a family-run business and now serves clients throughout North America.comexsmurfcomexsimpsonscomexpinkpanthercomexgarfield

These ads are quite clever in that the copy is minimal, but the message is conveyed instantly. Using iconographic cartoon characters, the ad utilizes the sense of familiarity to build a sense of trust between the consumer and the business. I may just be speculating, but I think most people will get a sense of nostalgia when exposed to these ads.

This is significant because it seems that now, more than ever, it’s important to appeal emotionally to your audience to get maximum results. When the global economic state is shaky, people will tend to go with the familiar, the trusted.

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