The Marshall of Google AdWords

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The Marshall of Google AdWords

Google AdWords expert Perry Marshall is a down-to-earth speaker who gives real-world examples to support his points. At the ITA Marketing Roundtable yesterday morning, Marshall covered everything from impressions to conversions. He prefaced his talk by mentioning Claude C. Hopkins, author of Scientific Advertising (1923). Hopkins is relevant to AdWords in the way he used multiple coded coupons to see which ads were most effective. For example, a grocery store would collect all coupons used and could then determine which coupon was most successful in getting the customer to purchase the product. Likewise,you can track your ads on Google to see which is the best at getting clicks.

Marshall went on to explain that the most successful ads are the ones that sell with stories and romance, and how something as simple as changing the URL in an ad can improve click-throughs. To properly utilize AdWords, you need to do keyword research and, more importantly, you need to have something that’s unique to the internet. Something that’s unique in your local mall is not anything like what’s unique on Google. Some people will scour the Google zeitgeist trending topics to find popular keywords, and buy relevant ads for affiliates, hoping to make money off of referrals.

Another important thing to note when creating an ad is that it should be directly relevant to the page you’re linking to or it’s less likely you’ll be able to convert the click to a sale. If you’re going to advertise a specific product, let’s say a green silk tie, you should link to a special landing page for that product, not an overall product page. The problem with linking to an overall product page happens when the tie is buried at the bottom of the page and the frustrated user doesn’t have the time to scroll through all the trousers.

While I’m not necessarily interested in becoming an AdWords ninja, I found Perry Marshall’s speech both informative and insightful. For more AdWord goodness, check out Perry’s website at