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Ultimate List of Online Typography Tools

Dainis Graveris has put together the Ultimate List of 32 Font And Typography Tools. There are quite a few useful resources for web designers who want their type to look as beautiful as possible. There are tools that show available system default fonts, how to embed any font with flash, and even pre-formatted Lorem Ipsum with various HTML tags. Also on the list is  [...Continue Reading] “Ultimate List of Online Typography Tools”
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Grammar Crusader

Have you ever stopped to point out a typo or misspelling? Did you ever wish you could fix it? Well, Jeff Deck has been traveling around the country doing just that. Equipped with Sharpies, Wite-out, and crayons, he approaches businesses that have errors, pointing out their flaws. Some receptive, some indifferent, and a lot of “boss ain’t here, come back tomorra’.” Read more at  [...Continue Reading] “Grammar Crusader”
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I love Typography (too)

Recently I discovered a blog that highlights typographic happenings titled, I love Typography (iLT). John D Boardley is the main author, but he also has a few contributors from time to time. Posts are somewhat sporadic but always something of quality. A few recent ones I’ve enjoyed: iFont, iPhone (discusses a new iPhone application that aides in finding fonts) and Watchmen watchtype (links to  [...Continue Reading] “I love Typography (too)”
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