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Grammar Crusader

Have you ever stopped to point out a typo or misspelling? Did you ever wish you could fix it? Well, Jeff Deck has been traveling around the country doing just that. Equipped with Sharpies, Wite-out, and crayons, he approaches businesses that have errors, pointing out their flaws. Some receptive, some indifferent, and a lot of “boss ain’t here, come back tomorra’.” Read more at  [...Continue Reading]
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I love Typography (too)

Recently I discovered a blog that highlights typographic happenings titled, I love Typography (iLT). John D Boardley is the main author, but he also has a few contributors from time to time. Posts are somewhat sporadic but always something of quality. A few recent ones I’ve enjoyed: iFont, iPhone (discusses a new iPhone application that aides in finding fonts) and Watchmen watchtype (links to  [...Continue Reading]
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