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Becoming a Catalyst for Change

Erin Gruwell chose to become a teacher who believed in change. She believes that no matter where a student grows up, what type of atmosphere he or she grows up in, or what his or her background consists of, each and every student has the opportunity to decide what the future will hold. Instead of becoming involved with a gang, being a victim of  [...Continue Reading] “Becoming a Catalyst for Change”
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Be Hermiones, Rather Than Pansy Parkinsons

Books and stories are my lifeline. From “Green Eggs and Ham” as a 3-year-old to “Pride and Prejudice” as a 24-year-old, the worlds authors create completely astound me. For me, not much can compare to the feel of a page between my fingers, the smell of the paper and the words written upon it. When I am lost in a story, I am just  [...Continue Reading] “Be Hermiones, Rather Than Pansy Parkinsons”
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