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Chicago Bitcoin Meetup Packs a Crowd to Hear Bitcoin Development Expert Andreas Antonopoulos

The room at 1871 was designed for maybe 35 people, but by the time the Chicago Bitcoin Meetup started, more than 75 people were packed in. They came to hear long-time bitcoin expert and public speaker, Andreas Antonopoulos, author of the bitcoin development guide Mastering Bitcoin: Unlocking Digital Cryptocurrencies, published by O’Reilly.   Introduced by Matthew Roszak, founding partner at Tally Capital, Chicago, and producer  [...Continue Reading]
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1,000 Tweets!

I noticed yesterday that I had done 999 tweets, right on the precipice of my third major Twitter milestone. Coincidentally, I read that today is Twitter's seventh birthday, and I think it's awesomely appropriate for me to send my 1,000 tweet on this day.
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