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Why and How Banks Collaborate with Digital and FinTech Companies

The antagonism between tech companies and banks in the payments market is turning toward alliance. Digital giants and fintech startups supposedly poised to gobble up bank customers and the defensive banks commonly considered blind and slow are finally seeing the mutual benefit of collaboration. Although warnings for banks to go digital and mobile are still dire, and predictions that banks will have their lunch  [...Continue Reading]
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Mobile Payments: A Dispatch from Sibos 2010

At the Sibos conference, the banks and software vendors show the latest and greatest technologies and techniques, while SWIFT’s two-year-old innovation initiative, Innotribe, brainstorms the future of finance. Sibos is the annual finance and banking conference sponsored by SWIFT, the Brussels-based organization that provides an international financial communications platform and messaging standards. This year, the hottest new products and innovation initiatives focused on mobile  [...Continue Reading]
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Payments Standards: A Dispatch from Sibos 2010

Standards for payments and reporting tend to ignite passions and controversy, and the Single European Payment Agreement (SEPA) proved the point at the Sibos 2010 conference, held in Amsterdam in late October. European banks, companies, and other interested organizations seek and end-date on SEPA adoption, which thus far has fallen far short of expectations. While Europe struggles toward a unified payments system, the United  [...Continue Reading]
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