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Wallet Wars in Chicago

MOBILE PAYMENTS: P2P EPayment and Mobile Wallet Ads Battle at the Bus Stops If you’ve walked up State St. in Chicago’s Loop or along the Magnificent Mile on north Michigan Ave. you’ve likely seen Citi’s ads for Google Wallet. They’re on about every other bus stop. If you’ve been at the bus stop on the northwest corner of State and Madison, you may have  [...Continue Reading]
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First Square

MOBILE PAYMENTS:  A Chicago Cabbie Collects Credit-Card Fares with Square Square, a mobile payments firm, became one of last year’s major epayments success stories. I read a lot about the firm, founded by Twitter co-founder Jack Doesey, over the past year, but I had never seen one of the devices in action until a week ago. I gave my credit card to a Chicago  [...Continue Reading]
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