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INNOVATION: Why Groupon is a Perfectly Chicago Company

It’s hard not to read about Groupon, currently the most mediafied of Chicago companies. It’s got a What’s Hot tab on TechCrunch. It’s national burger weekend deals made Crain’s and other media, and it’s one of several pre-IPO companies cited as examples of a new tech bubble. Groupon brings a lot of tech start-up luster to Chicago. All that attention–along with discussing innovation at  [...Continue Reading]
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Noteworthy Marketing Links for 03-24-11

The Three Biggest Hurdles for Chicago’s Entrepreneurs Challenge 1: Getting known Challenge 2: Capital to grow Challenge 3: Finding and keeping Chicago talent (Delicious tags: chicagoinnovationeconomy) Marketing as Stortelling A story of the Trapp family lodge (Sound of Music) and its use of social media, with an emphasis on the story writing process. (Delicious tags: marketingsocialmedia)  [...Continue Reading]
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Developing the Green Economy in Chicago

The future of Chicago is colored green. It isn’t exactly a new story, but the business opportunities that seek to make a green vision pay entrepreneurs green dollars became more apparent at a September 10 event, Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship, sponsored by the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce Foundation. Environmentally conscious practices in all areas of society designated by “green” are gaining momentum but not  [...Continue Reading]
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