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Top 5 FinTech Articles of the Week 04-03-2015

Each week, we will be sharing five fintech-related articles that we find interesting. Take a look at the following picks¬†that explore the digital revolution, how to attain the customer interface, Big Data and more.¬†Dig in! British Banking Association: Bitcoin is a Real Threat to Banks According to a new report from the British Banking Association, cryptocurrencies continue to threaten revenue streams of  [...Continue Reading]
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The FinTech Field of Engagement

For the 30 years I have been involved as a marketer and journalist in the financial industry, banks have remained secure in their position in payments, despite warnings to the contrary. Existing payments systems and reserve currencies may be safe from a future of bitcoins and RMBs for now. Yet technologies that can lower costs and increase competition by making business connections more direct win in the long run.
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Chicago FinTech Forum: “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin” Post-Meetup

Cyrptocurrency has been a recent focus in the financial world. To play our part, we hosted a successful launch of the Chicago FinTech Forum by “The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin”, which gives a complete history of bitcoin, from its invention, early adoption, trading volatility, and regulatory acceptance (sort of). We live in a highly regulated financial environment, which makes it difficult for unregulated  [...Continue Reading]
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