I Want: Solar-Powered Bus Shelters (in Chicago)

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I Want: Solar-Powered Bus Shelters (in Chicago)

Today,  I learned about another one of San Francisco’s offerings to its citizens on The Design Blog.

By 2013, San Francisco will boast 1,100 solar-powered bus shelters which will offer “a red color roof of photovoltaic panels…[that will] will exploit the sun’s rays to power the integrated intercom, LED lighting, and even wireless routers that offer [a] blanket of WiFi throughout the city.”

Below is an image of the first of these that were designed by Lundberg Design and contracted through Clear Channel. For more photos, click here.


It doesn’t have the cutest design, but its features present an innovative and eco-friendly solution with an incentive for those who choose to commute using public transportation. Two thumbs up!

Here’s to hoping Chicago (and other cities) will follow suit…