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Social Reading

I find that I am getting an increasing amount of great reading recommendations from people I follow on Twitter—which is itself, along with social media in general, a subject of so much material to read and so many panel discussions, live and on the web.

We are in a period of major economic change, and our media habits are at the forefront, as the articles I’ve been reading and saving to my delicious account over the past few days show. (Delicious is a social bookmarking tool, a useful form of social media eclipsed in awareness these days by Twitter, Facebook, and the like.)

Most of these articles concern social media and its uses and influences. There are no tidy answers here but a lot of thought-provoking questions.

In Defense of Distraction
It’s a cheap joke to say I did not finish this long piece in New York Magazine because I was too distracted, but it’s true. The problems of multitasking and attention deficit are well known. Rarely does anyone write about how we can adapt to the new information environment.

The end of blogging
A Fortune magazine blogger muses whether Twitter and Facebook and their short updates are making blogging obsolete, just as people worry whether blogging has made journalism obsolete.

Newspapers and Thinking the Unthinkable
Clay Shirky suggests that journalism is far from obsolete but newspapers are. This blog post covers the economics of the business and looks back to the social disruption of Gutenberg’s invention of movable type.

Not by Links Alone
This article, in Josh Young’s Networked News blog, gives a thoughtful critique of the conventional wisdom that news is moving to Google, and that’s good because Google levels the competitive playing field.

If you check my delicious account, you’ll also see that I tagged two articles on micropayments and why they won’t work and an article on integrating a blog into Facebook. I’ll get to them. I’m also looking at a new site designed to help Chicago move toward a green economy and a new map of the Riverwalk along the Chicago River, a walk we did not take because of the Monday afternoon rain.

Lest it seem like I spent the whole Memorial Day weekend looking at a computer screen, here are some pictures Christina took on a trip to the Art Institute’s new Modern Wing, posted, appropriately enough, on my Facebook page.