Social Media Moves Content

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Social Media Moves Content

Content must move to work as a marketing tool, and companies are increasingly using social media to move content, according to “BtoB study shows surge in social media marketing,” a cover story in the May 14, 2012 issue of BtoB magazine.

Social media is “an increasingly important avenue for marketing interaction between marketers’ brands and their customers and prospects,” the BtoB study shows. Some 32% of marketers are “very” or “fully” engaged in social channels, compared with 21% last year. LinkedIn tops the list of most important social media channels for b-to-b marketing, followed by blogging, Facebook, and Twitter.

From a content marketing perspective, social media moves content to your networks, and it has the power to transport it into other networks as well. This works for both content you create yourself, such as a blog post, or articles you find and want to pass along.

A post this week on the Conversionation blog asks what content people share and why they share it. In addition to what the studies show, author J-P De Clerck suggests it’s a matter of context as well as content.

To get into the specifics of sharing, see “How to Promote Your Blog with Social Media,” from the Social Media Examiner. This post by Marc Pitman gives step-by-step instructions for sharing content in Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Pitman advocates taking the time to tailor content for each particular social medium.

Finally, Copyblogger reminds us that content marketing has two customers: those who buy your product, and those who pass along the content to an audience of potential customers. That second type of customer is especially reliant on social media. Keep in mind that the likelihood of someone passing along your content increases the more trustworthy your company is as a source.

For an in-depth look into creating content that will make serious waves in the ocean of social media, read A Practical Guide to Killer Marketing Content, published by HubSpot.