Social Media Macro and Micro Perspectives

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Social Media Macro and Micro Perspectives

The Social Media Club of Chicago filled the event space at the CME group on Tuesday night and provided insights into social media from two authors, one covering the macro perspective of social and economic shifts in communication and another telling micro stories of individual success and inspiration. Highlights:

Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics

Erik made his main point through a video he produced, “Social Media is Not a Fad,” a social media version of the highly viewed piece Did You Know?

The opportunity of social media is here and now, especially when some people may be asleep at the wheel,” he said. “The good companies understand that they are losing or have lost control of their brands.”

Avoid old constructs, like requiring an email address to get people who want your content into your database as opposed to distributing content as widely as possible. “Listen first, sell later–be more like Dale Carnegie than David Olgivy.”

Shel Israel, author Twitterville

Shel told wonderful stories about how people have used Twitter and how it’s changing the communication of and engagement with information in “the new global neighborhoods.”

Among his examples:

  • Reporting news during a emergency
  • Responding to a PR crisis
  • Raising funds after a family tragedy
  • Getting a student out of prison after an international arrest
  • Selling products and services, from coffee and snacks to design and copywriting

“The social media people are becoming the feet on the street and were making the news.,” he said. On social media, “I can find people who share interests with me and I can share information with them.”

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