Canright Financial Marketing

Tell financial executives a compelling technology story.
The transformation of financial services is underway. A universe of banking, capital markets, payments, and investments is colliding with a universe of big data, machine learning, and cryptofinance—internetworked, mobile, and intelligent.


New opportunities at this nexus? They’re legion. New headaches and confusion, sorting it all out? Those, too.


Let us help you profit from this changing industry order. Canright Communications has decades of experience creating content that educates and engages high-level financial professionals seeking with financial marketing, from traditional banking giants providing treasury services to technology upstarts developing FinTech apps.


We create financial marketing that tells financial executives what they most want to know. It’s not about the financial technology itself but now it can help them:

  • Expand business market share.
  • Enhance service to existing customers.
  • Make operations more efficient.

We can craft white papers, bylined articles, web pages, brochures, trade show presentations, and more that tell the story. Three of our banking and finance white papers and articles may give you some ideas:

BofA: Walgreens Treasury Transformation

Yodlee: Preparing Financial Service Providers for the Bot Revolution

Xignite: Five Challenges of Market Data: The Case for the Cloud


Stories of change in a complex industry take skill to tell. You need someone who understands the financial services industry and technology and content marketing to tell a financial marketing story. Otherwise, you hear what some of our clients tell us after hiring a business writer:


“It took so long to explain what was happening, it would have been easier to write it myself.”


We’ve been writing about financial services and financial technology since the 1980s, when electronic payments in banking debuted. We covered the rise of internet banking and ecommerce. Principal Collin Canright is a former editor of Cashflow magazine as well as a contributing writer to Independent Banker magazine and tech-writing team lead for software developers and trading firms.


The result? We know how to blend insider knowledge of the financial services industry with a journalist’s attention to detail and accuracy—and keep it so clear any executive will understand.


Contact Collin Canright at or +1 773-426-7000