Delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right audience: that equation makes all the difference for any brand or business.


We can help.


Canright Communications, a Chicago marketing services and communications company, provides brands with a consistent and compelling voice. We are experts in communications that are creative, data-driven, authoritative, and possess a firmly-grounded “wow” factor. In short, we establish a brands message, narrative and identity so that the target audience understands you better.


When most people think of “content” or original marketing communications, they specifically think of using it one way. Canright Communications sees the big picture and thinks about content comprehensively. We provide marketing tools and strategies to engage an audience the right way at the right time. What we create increases value across all communication platforms like Social Media, Search Engines, a Website, direct mail brochures, and more.

Content & Brand Messaging

Content is more likely to be read if it looks good and engages people. We take already created content and revamp it into a consistent, presentable brand message. We love to create original content too! It’s a blueprint we’ve used with great success for more than 25 years working across many different industries. Check out a few of our clients.

Newsletters & Email Campaigns

Emails and newsletters are two of the best ways to keep in touch with an audience. In fact, data shows they perform better than Social Media in many cases. The content we create is valuable and encourages heavy engagement. Let us help send out strong emails and drive sales for current and future customers and fans.

Sales Collateral

Every business wants to stand out. To do so, Sales materials need to have an impact and we help companies create them. Equipping any Sales team with effective, meaningful marketing tools is a major key to business growth. We can help.


Need an engaging blog for a website or LinkedIn page? We write those, too! The best part about our blogs is that they make great, informative content while also boosting your standing and authority with Google.


When properly written and distributed, white papers are one of the most effective ways to reach an audience of potential customers and leads. For years, white papers have been used strictly as a marketing tool. Now, they are posted on websites, passed along through social media channels, and more. We know how to write and distribute white papers that are effective, informative and thought-provoking.

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