Scott McCloud Understands Google Chrome

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Scott McCloud Understands Google Chrome

Scott McCloud, author of Understanding Comics, has done a terrific job with his comic adaptation of the Google Chrome team’s words. The copy is clear enough on its own, but McCloud’s illustrations add whimsy, fun, and understanding.

Much of the book goes over the logic used to build traditional web browsers, and then gives further insight into why Google made Chrome the way they did. They go over their process for testing, user experience, security, and more.

Chrome is a great, simple, and super fast browser. Available for Windows, Linux, and Intel-based Macs. Unfortunately, there will be no Chrome for Mac users who are relying on their trusty G4s and G5s. It makes sense for Google to abandon these, not only since Apple and Adobe have, but because it would likely not live up to their expectations for speed and performance. If your OS is supported, why not give Chrome a shot?