Rock Stars at Intel and BMA Chicago

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Rock Stars at Intel and BMA Chicago

Typical networking luncheon: arrive to a reception already in progress, people are talking in groups of two and three, very engaged and handing out cards. We settle down at our tables–did I say it’s BMA Chicago?–and begin the lunch, then the presentation. It’s Intel this month, with Nancy Bhagat, Intel’s VP of Sales/Marketing and Director, Global Marketing Strategy and Campaigns. Surprisingly, as Nancy was speaking, I liked the sound of this big company‹seemed like a cool place to work.

Nancy was telling us about the campaign called “Sponsors of Tomorrow,” which focuses on the inventors at Intel, the creative resource, if you will, for the company’s products. The promo on the BMA site said it best: “Intel¹s inventors hold patents for scores of products, such as the universal serial bus, or USB port, which connects computers and peripherals; the DVD; and the technology behind airbag safety.”

The ads she told us had actors portraying the actual inventor employees, and these inventors were treated like rock stars as they showed up in the laboratory. The tagline: “Our rock stars aren’t like your rock stars.”

But things didn’t go right with the videos. This is probably one of our worst fears in giving a speech…the media flubbing up. They just plain didn’t work. But, Nancy in her roll-with-the-punches inimitable style, described the commercials‹and, yes, there were three that stubbornly didn’t work.

What was really cool besides Nancy’s grace under pressure, was seeing out of the corner of my eye, last year’s president, Gary Slack, go back to the media running the tech, and talk with them. Were we going to see the commercials after all? I had my fingers crossed as at the end of Nancy’s talk, it was announced that they were going to try to run those commercials again.

And yes, they worked perfectly. Proving again for the umpteenth time that most times you just need to show ’em. Words cannot do justice to a well-crafted ad, you have to experience it. But kudos to Nancy for trying. I liked the commercials, but more than that, I liked the going-for-it style of the people at the BMA. -Christina

Check out one of the Rock Star commercials on the Intel site, or go to the BMA site and read the program description.