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Presentation Advice

Tell your audience how you can solve their problem better than anyone else, and you may well get them to open their wallets. The presentation advice given by two angel investors to companies presenting funding proposals provides a good outline for any basic marketing and sales presentation.

Jeff Carter, co-founder of Hyde Park Angels, andĀ Laurence Hayward, founder and managing partner of VentureLab, spoke as the investors at tonight’sĀ meeting of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Enterprise Forum Chicago’s program Bootstrappers and Investors Faceoff. After hearing off-the-cuff elevator pitches from two companies, the two provided this list of questions a presentation should answer:

  • What’s the problem in the marketplace that the company solves? Start with that.
  • Who else is in the market?
  • How does your company and its solution compare to those firms?
  • What are the barriers to entry to the marketplace?
  • Why is your firm different than competitors?
  • What’s the investment opportunity? (What’s the primary benefit?)
  • How will the business and the shareholders make money? (How will a buyer receive that benefit?)
  • What’s the exit strategy for an investor? (How does that benefit ultimately translate to the buyer’s customers?)

I added my own translations from a business marketing point of view in (). Those are the basics, and any presentation that doesn’t address the basics ultimately fails.

For a more complete discussion of questions investors want answered, buy Hayward’s presentation, “Twenty Questions You’ll Be Asked By Venture Capital & Angel Investors.”