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DNT TXT+DRIVESocial awareness campaigns are one of my favorite avenues of politics in which graphic design plays a vital role.

The design to the left is one in a series of public service announcement posters created by Alphabetica, a New England-based graphic design collaborative.

These posters are being distributed to schools in Boston, San Francisco, and Orange County, Florida for posting at high school campuses. Alphabetica wants to distribute them to even more schools across the country, in hopes of reaching out to the young adults who are just learning the responsibilities of driving.

The message is simple and the design, clever. At first, one may glance at it and see typos, but then come to the realization that “PLS DNT TXT + DRIVE” is in texting lingo, which should be very familiar to the 14-18- year old age range that this poster targets.

With an increase in car accidents caused by cell phone usage, particularly involving texting, it seems like a wise decision to educate and remind people about the dangers of texting and driving.

Make a poster, save a life!