Ongoing Self-Improvement Systems Help How I Do Business

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Ongoing Self-Improvement Systems Help How I Do Business

I have found it helpful to commit to things I will improve each quarter for myself personally, so I am bringing a “self” to the business who is clear and adding value.

This quarter, it’s sales and self care: upping the number of meetings I will do in a week and adding (or resuming) some self-care disciplines. I have been adding in meditation each day, which helps me with focus and gives me a sense that I can handle whatever comes my way.

Another thing I do on a regular basis is see my coach. While I know the tendency is to think this is a luxury; I assure you, I consider it an investment in myself and in my business, especially when times are scary as they are right now.

I use an organization called the Wright Institute, which offers trainings and coaching for high performance and reaching one’s fullest potential. I recommend taking a look by checking out the books by the two founders, Bob and Judith Wright: Business with Purpose, The One Decision and The Soft Addiction Solution. With Judith’s books, you get two guest passes to their weekend training called the More Life training.