Offline Marketing in an Online World

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Offline Marketing in an Online World

It used to be called direct marketing, but if it’s an online world, then it must be offline marketing. Print. This piece caught my eye because it was heavy, the envelope had the flap glued down in front, and it was from Yahoo!

I noticed the flap on the
front because I don’t typically see it, and it gave
a good clear space on the back for the message, “A Special Invitation from Yahoo!”

The invitation is a folder, about 5×7 that opens
bottom to top. It’s on heavy paper, probably 120# cover stock, with a curve on the bottom flap and four inserts. The message appears on the inside cover.

I like it, and plan to steal the format the next chance I get. Beyond that, however, it’s great to see good solid print design as part of the online mix—or as a tool to sell the online part of the marketing mix.

Nothing engages the senses like ink on paper. . .