Live Life in the Fast Lane

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Live Life in the Fast Lane

Growing up in a family focused on cars, Janet couldn’t help but have a deep passion and appreciation for everything under the hood. As a young girl, she watched her uncles work on and upgrade their cars to be as customized as possible. As she grew older, she knew she wanted to do the same.

Enter Paul Walker, The Fast and The Furious movie franchise, and Walker’s car-loving, speed-chasing, gear-head, rule-bending character Brian O’Connor. At 9-years-old, Janet’s love of fixing up cars soon grew to modification and racing.

Walker’s love and knowledge of cars allowed him to become a role model and inspiration to all car enthusiasts. His movies, characters, and personal beliefs encouraged car enthusiasts like Janet to bring their passion to the forefront of mainstream culture. For Janet and many others, Walker’s dedication and drive helped to bring the different sectors of the car community together, all in the appreciation of living in the fast lane.

Walker may be gone, but Janet says his soul will live with her and thousands of other car enthusiasts forever.