Juice Up Your LinkedIn Summary

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Juice Up Your LinkedIn Summary

I had a call on our social media strategy and tactics today with Dean DeLisle, CEO of social media and sales consultancy Forward Progress. We were talking about LinkedIn and using it to help generate the holy grail of sales: inbound leads. Good solid inbound leads.

The problem we have—and he put it a bit delicately—is that our profiles (mine and that of firm president Christina Canright) didn’t tell people what we do for them or even what we do. I say he put it delicately because when I looked at my profile later in the day, I’d say that using a cliché like “dry as dust” would be giving too much credit.

Like many people, I took what amounted to the description in a résumé or straight bio and pasted it in LinkedIn with no other thought. “It looks like you put it there because you had to,” Dean said.

Well, yes. Had to fill the space. Just the facts.

So I looked at Dean’s profile, and it’s brilliant. It tells you exactly what he’s done for clients, how he got into the business, and why he likes it. It also integrates a few choice keywords for search optimization purposes. Take a look at it, and see why I used it as a model in rewriting my new LinkedIn profile and Christina’s profile.

I also referred to a book that Christina has been extolling of late, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs. On page 71, under the subhead, “The Ultimate Elevator Pitch,” author Carmine Gallo gives the following advice:

The problem need not take long to establish. Jobs generally takes just a few minutes to introduce the antagonist. You can do so in as little as 30 seconds. Simply create a one-sentence answer for the following four questions: (1) What do you do? (2) What problem do you solve? (3) How are you different? (4) Why should I care?

That quote came in the context of high-stakes venture capital pitches, where a presentation may cost $3,000 a minute. But aren’t the stakes just as high for your online profile?

I’d love to have other examples of great LinkedIn or Facebook profiles. Please put them in a comment and let me know what you like about them.