Interactive Content and Email Capture Bring Leads from Web to

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Interactive Content and Email Capture Bring Leads from Web to

Rich Blue and his team needed a landing page with an automated email system to promote his forthcoming book, Grappling with God: The Battle for Authentic Faith. Rich is the founder and clinical director of the Center for Christian Life Enrichment and has been a licensed clinical professional counselor for more than 25 years.

Rich, like every author, required the proper marketing and communication tools to spread awareness of his new book. Canright worked closely with Rich to develop an interactive system that would get his literary debut into as many hands as possible.

Grapplingwith God was written for people who challenge themselves to live dynamic lives in faith. Thematically linked to the Bible story in which Jacob wrestles with an angel of God, Canright featured the French painter Leon Bonnat’s Jacob Wrestling the Angel (1876) on The landing page also integrates sharp design, concise description, and a video of Rich to communicate the message of the book to potential readers.

Canright built an email sign-up into Grappling with God‘s landing page. People who submitted their email addresses received an email with a link to an interactive PDF that includes:

  • An overview of the book
  • Links to Rich’s sermons
  • Articles from the CLE archives
  • Chapter 1 as a sample chapter

Visitors also see a return web page with a thank-you message written by Canright that provides an offer for a free “Grappling with God Visioning Session,” a benefit in the overview PDF that we wanted to highlight. That page also includes a form that lets visitors provide additional information for session scheduling.

To help drive traffic to the new landing page, Canright created a graphic and consulted on copy for a series of Facebook ads, based on demographics selected by Rich and his team. After two days, the ads and landing pages resulted in a substantial increase in interactive PDF downloads. More importantly, a good percentage signed up for sessions from the thank-you page.

Furthermore, Canright programmed the signup forms using’s web-to-lead functions. As a result, a lead is automatically created in Salesforce when the visitor clicks the Submit button.

This functionality allowed Rich and his colleagues to run reports and follow up with people quickly as subscriber information accumulated on the website. Canright is currently developing a workbook for Rich that will enhance audience participation at his future speaking engagements, and this well of contact information will prove invaluable in the new rollout.

To view the Grappling with God website, visit

For more information on combining content, email capture, and, download a copy of Canright’s Email and Web integration guidebook.