How to Capitalize on Your Next Conference

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How to Capitalize on Your Next Conference

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Parties, presentations, and handshakes. They are all part of the conference experience, but the opportunities for improved brand awareness, lead generation, and partnership growth don’t end there. In fact, your company’s most effective marketing could very well occur after the event.

Here are some ideas that can keep your company fresh in the minds of clients, vendors, and industry leaders:

  • Produce a report. Recap what you learned, who you met, what new technologies you’re excited about. Get creative. If it’s interesting to you, it’s likely going to get the attention of other players in your industry.
  • Contribute an article. Nothing speaks to a company’s legitimacy better than a cosign from an industry publication. It doesn’t have to be traditional media, either. Guest blog posts on relevant websites can be read even more widely than old-school outlets, and they’re easy to share via social media.
  • Engage in social media. Look up every person you met and invite them to connect on LinkedIn, follow them on Twitter, and like their company Facebook page. Send regular updates, including items from a post-conference blog. If you’ve been meaning to set up an account on any of these sites, now is the time. We recommend picking two of the Big Three.

Here’s an example of a project we did for Bank of America:

Canright covered a conference roundtable for BofA, writing a “Conference Findings” and case study report for the bank. In addition to the comments from BofA customers and experts in the roundtable, we researched industry trends to provide additional value to readers.

BofA distributed the report initially to attendees and companies that could not make the event. After getting positive feedback, they added it to their website as a free download for visitors.

Canright writes, designs, and produces a wide variety of conference content, including:

  • Follow-up articles or white papers from presentations
  • Brochures, article reprints, and product data sheets
  • Social media assessment and training
  • Promotional materials, and handouts
  • Speakers’ presentations (scripts and PowerPoints)

It’s conference season. Let Canright Communications help you make the most of it with excellent content. To learn more, call Collin Canright at (773) 426-7000 or email at for an assessment of your conference materials.