Graphic Design Trend of the Year

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Graphic Design Trend of the Year

Flat design went from Microsoft’s operating system to mainstream print in 2013, making flat design our pick for graphic design trend of the year.

Flat design eschews the 3D look of beveled edges in graphics, featuring a distinctly two-dimensional look, often with bold colors. It emphasizes typographical simplicity and readability.The flat-design look and probably the term originated with Microsoft in its mobile and Windows 8 user interfaces, as explained in our post “Design Fashion: Flat design for flat screens.” This year, the design approach informed Apple’s operating system and Google’s logo, making it a bona fide user interface design trends. At the same time, however, flat design informed print design as well. Here are examples of flat design in print I collected over the past few months.GQflatGQ Layout ExcerptxeroxadfastcoXerox Ad in FastCompanyAmtrakPostersAmtrak PostersGoose-Island-25th-Anniversary-Ale200x200 

Goose Island Brewery 25th Anniversary logobrooklynoktoberfestlabel

Brooklyn Oktoberfest beer labelBell's Oberon

Oberon Ale packaging