Google Gets Personal

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Google Gets Personal

Engineering-oriented Google gets more attention for the way it uses personal data to generate ad revenue—the face-on-the-ad story I read the other day kind of creeped me out—but I was pleasantly surprised at today’s Google Doodle.

Wow, that’s great! How did I get Google to do this on my birthday? I wondered.


I hovered over it. “Happy Birthday, Collin!” says the message.

It even clicks through to my Google+ page (reminding me that I hate the photo and had a difficult time changing it last time I tried, many months ago).

Of course Google would know it’s my birthday. They have my data.

With all the discussions about privacy these days, best to remember that most of what’s discussed is from an outdated framework, like it or not. Personal birthday greetings from impersonal machines , even if from impersonal machines, still make me smile.

Thanks for the birthday wish, Google!