Go, Go Media!

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Go, Go Media!

I subscribe to the GoMediaZine to help stay on top of current design tricks and trends. The latest post delivered to my inbox, “Thoughts on Design Integrity. Getting what you want from your client,” was definitely one of the more insightful posts I’ve read. Though I disagree with calling most anyone ignorant, especially clients, I can agree that sometimes clients are resistant toward a new and improved idea.

The Go Media team makes their point loud and clear: clients aren’t against new and improved—they’re against getting what they didn’t ask for. Go Media’s spot-on analogy:

Give the customer what they ask for. Or, more to the point: Give the customer what they EXPECT. Now, I know this statement is a bit of hot button, at least it is at Go Media. Let me explain.

Imagine that you pull into a McDonald’s drive through and you order a Big Mac. You pay your money and leave. As you drive down the street you open your bag and inside you find a McChicken sandwich and a note: “I know you ordered a Big Mac, but this chicken sandwich is much healthier for you. So, you should eat it instead.” How would you feel?

This is why, if you’re going to offer an alternative solution to your client, you must get them on board with you from the very beginning. Don’t talk down to your clients; they want what’s best for them just as much as you do. Communication is key.

Check out the whole post here (make sure to scroll all the way down to see individual artists’ thoughts on the topic).