Five Ideas for Writing Blog Posts

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Five Ideas for Writing Blog Posts

In writing blog posts for clients and ourselves, Canright focuses on five major categories. Using these blogging ideas will not only help you keep the content flowing, it will ensure that the content is diverse as well. Rich content keeps things interesting for your audience and allows your company to generate web traffic while presenting itself as a multidimensional brand.

1. Identify a Trend.

A staple of media reporting is the trends story. A trends post can start with a report on industry surveys in order to show a trend. “Mobile Ecommerce Requires a Strategy, Not a Reaction,” by lyonscg, an ecommerce developer, takes the trend post a step further by telling readers how they can take advantage of the trend.

2. Present a Case Study.

Case studies are the bread-and-butter of marketing communications and blog posts. They are also great ways to gain position in search results. “In Winnetka, Marvin Windows fit right in” shows work done by McCann Window & Exteriors so that readers see the difference new windows make in a home like theirs, as opposed to viewing the photos taken by the window manufacturers, as beautiful as those photos are. Notice, too, that this post gains search position by mentioning the town, Winnetka, the manufacturer, Marvin Windows, and the business, replacement windows.

3. Develop an Idea.

Leaders in their fields develop new ideas and knowledge. In “Principled Capitalism: A Pragmatic Approach to Corporate Governance,” Don Delves, president of The Delves Group, an executive compensation consulting firm, writes about capitalism under attack. Based on his experience at a recent conference, he proposes five principles for capitalism. And since his post touches on five ideas, he sets himself up for five more posts that dive deeper into each point.

4. Round Up the News.

There are times when a story gets a lot of media attention. TechNexus, a collaborative technology space in Chicago, received quite a bit of coverage when Alexis Madrigal, tech writer for The Atlantic, visited Chicago and surveyed its startup scene. I took the opportunity to write a post for TechNexus that wrapped it all up and provided some context. It was one more way for TechNexus to get the news in front of its network. Bursts of coverage don’t come often, so juice them for all they’re worth.

5. Make an Announcement.

Did your company win an award? Hire new talent? Launch a new product? Get a new client? Open a new office? Don’t keep your company’s successes a secret—share them with the world!

Of course, there are many other types of blog posts, too. You can comment on a news story, interview an expert, explain a technique, take a stance on an issue, and more. What other ideas and tips do you have for writing blog posts?