Payment Pathways

Payment Pathways

Creative Brief & Branding

Because Payment Pathways was a new company, it had only a rudimentary brand presence. We used its existing logo and created a clean design that clearly articulated the company’s value proposition. On the homepage, visitors got a quick overview, and included useful, descriptive information at the most granular level.

For news regarding Payment Pathways’ new patents, product releases, and company initiatives, we wrote, edited, and distributed branded press releases. We also posted news items on LinkedIn groups that focus on payments, banking, and treasury management.

Canright was a one-stop shop for my company’s brand and website.
–Rick O’Brien, President & CEO, Payment Pathways

To simultaneously establish credibility in the marketplace and build an email list of potential customers, we researched, wrote, and edited two in-depth white papers. One targeted bankers, while the other was for consumers.

As is our process, we provided Payment Pathways with a Creative Brief detailing the sequence and scope of a marketing campaign. We identified the target audience as bankers within small- and medium-sized financial institutions, consumers, merchants, and payment networks. The goal was to promote the company’s flagship product, Greenlist®, and its consulting services for the payments market.

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