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Kaufman Hall

Software Documentation

Kaufman Hall, an independent consulting firm offering strategic and financial management guidance to executives in the healthcare industry, publishes a financial software suite for its public hospital clients.

I just took my first look at the Hospital Advisor guides and continue to be impressed. You really help raise the professionalism and polish of our documentation.
—James Bodan, Senior Vice President of Software Operations, Kaufman Hall

To ensure that clients can use the software to its fullest and work independently, Canright Communications has written comprehensive documentation for the firm’s ENUFF Software Suite modules. For the launch of the Enterprise Edition of Hospital Advisor® software, which is designed to meet a hospital’s comprehensive financial and capital planning needs, Canright rewrote the user guide and admin manual.

“The product launch was extremely successful and the documentation helped pave the way to get our clients up to speed on using the new version as quickly as possible,” said Kaufman Hall’s James Bodan, Senior Vice President of Software Operations.

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