Even Experts Need Some Help

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Even Experts Need Some Help


At Canright, the Monday blues are kept away with inspiration presentations to kick start the week. Collin’s choice this week was The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Work by Atul Gawande.

This thought-provoking work emphasizes the importance of running through a checklist to ensure efficiency. Speaking from personal experience as a surgeon, Gawande provides insight into the importance of checklists for all lines of work—from airplane pilots to surgeons. For example, there are many different roles in a surgeon’s room. If each role is managed well, the surgery will be successful. Yet, too often, it’s easy for even the best surgeon to forget a step. With a checklist, nothing can be lost in the cracks.

Collin described the effectiveness of communication and the way each moving part can fit together to form a cohesive end result. This book offers perspective on the point that even experts need some help. Although we are not surgeons or pilots at Canright, we recognize the significance of keeping checklists to ensure the best possible result.