Ecofont — Saving the Environment, One Letter at a Time

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Ecofont — Saving the Environment, One Letter at a Time

Developed by SPRANQ, a creative communications agency in the Netherlands, Ecofont is a typeface that uses 20% less ink than other fonts.

How, you ask?

They’ve decided to remove parts of the letterform using white circles. See the example below, in 100pt size. It achieves a Broadway awning signage effect (or, as the creator put it, it’s like “Dutch holey cheese”):


So you may be thinking that this font is not practical or that it’s goofy-looking. But check out the font at 12pt (standard document size) in paragraph form:


It’s not the crispest, but it’s pretty readable, if you ask me. You see, the purpose behind the font creation was not commercial usage. The agency wants to create awareness of ink usage in the office. Many offices have paper recycling, but how many have taken efforts to cut down the usage of ink?

With less ink on paper, the less cartridges you go through. The results are great for both financial and environmental fronts.

Give it a try (for free) and tell me what you think!