Content Marketing Strategy, White Paper Tactics

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Content Marketing Strategy, White Paper Tactics

At the start of the new year, I set my strategies and goals and plan my tactics on how to achieve them. This year, we are positioning our marketing communications services on content marketing: the use of relevant and educational content to engage an audience and generate interest in an organization and its mission.

A good portion of social media is based on sharing content, whether through articles and blog posts distributed on the social-media trinity of Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Or through pay-per-click advertising, website downloads, or good old-fashioned email marketing.

(And if email marketing is old fashioned, what of print? Maybe it’s not wired but certainly not expired. Most of the projects we do happen to be print.)

The first tactic in our own program is a focus on white papers. We’ve updated our white paper report as White Paper Basics: the Dos, Don’ts, Whys, Whats, and Hows of White Papers.”

The report explains why white papers are written, what they are–and are not–and how to use them to educate an audience and generate leads. We also provide examples of different types of white papers, including a few we’ve written. Our list of white paper and lead-generation resources is excellent.

Feel free to download a copy–no registration required–and pass it on, along with our January Jump Start Offer: 10% off the cost of writing and designing a white paper or report.

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