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Why We Blog, and How to Do it Effectively

One surefire way to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) is to consistently blog. However, blogging for the sole purpose of SEO is a bit like starting a band just to get rich and famous. The motivation will be too shallow to power you through the early stages of consistent work, microscopic progress, and a lack of recognition. There must be some passion, and you should be having fun. Otherwise, you’ll quit.
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How Could You Not Read This Article (03-29-10)?

Nothing—I mean nothing—beats a good headline to ensure an article or blog post gets read. A case in point: “Sumo wrestling bank robbers … and Tesco” A good description helps, too: “I guess these desperate times cause desperate actions, as the last few weeks must have created the funniest spate of bank robberies ever seen. First, there was the Russian Sumo wrestler who wrestled  [...Continue Reading]
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Grammar Crusader

Have you ever stopped to point out a typo or misspelling? Did you ever wish you could fix it? Well, Jeff Deck has been traveling around the country doing just that. Equipped with Sharpies, Wite-out, and crayons, he approaches businesses that have errors, pointing out their flaws. Some receptive, some indifferent, and a lot of “boss ain’t here, come back tomorra’.” Read more at  [...Continue Reading]
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